Zerilli Studios launches branding campaign for Aaria Diamonds,

a rising diamond broker

Who is Aaria?

Aaria Diamonds deals as well as stores, cleans, grades, and even creates their own designs for diamonds. One of their most advantageous practices is to acquire only recycled diamonds.

The growing diamond broker is headquartered in Novi, MI, has an office in Atlanta, GA, and

a facility in India.

Main Logo Version

Gray, B&W and Outline Versions also Reverse Color, Gray and Outline Versions. 


When Aaria formed in 2012, they already knew that it needed the creative talents of Zerilli Studios to not only help launch their products but to help launch their completely new brand. Zerilli Studios started off by coming up with a unique yet simple design for Aaria’s logo then configuring it to a variety of medias. The effective and clean website that Zerilli Studios has designed for Aaria Diamonds has also been deemed a great success, attracting hundreds to the website every year. Zerilli Studios understands that before any client comes into contact with you they come into contact with your brand and they work to make sure that their experience with your brand is the best that money has to offer, all the way down to designing the collateral.

Collateral Material

Trade Magazine ADs

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Trade Show Boot & Vertical Banners

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